Registered Nurse Job Description

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Want to know about registered nurse job description ? RN jobs involving direct patient care in general medicine that specializes in many areas of health. When working in a hospital, a nurse is often necessary to assign tasks to others, and perhaps even to supervise the nurses who have a low level of service, including nurses and auxiliary nurses.

Besides working in a hospital, registered nursing positions are available in public health agencies, home care services, nursing homes and doctors’ offices. Depending on the setting worked, nurses could even receive specialized training to prepare them for a specific type of care, such as pediatrics, oncology and women’s health.

registered nurse job description

General thought of registered nurse job description

In general, nurses work with patients to meet their basic needs. Some nurses work in hospitals, while most nurses work in doctors’ offices. The expectations for each nursing job change depending on where you are in the education they received, and their time in the profession. Some general expectations of a nurse practitioners include recording vital signs and record patient information. Patients may need to check the symptoms to help assess patients’ problems with the doctor. Some nurses are able to work with physicians, diagnostic tests, offering more practical style of care.

Some nurses in these general parameters will be given more responsibilities. Some nurses are able to administer medication and specific forms of treatment for the patient. Nurses can expect to talk with patients to help them better understand these methods of treatment and the medicines they take. You should also inform patients about their medications and any specific diet or exercise or restrictions they may have. Some nurses still expected to help patients to physical therapy, to teach the movements they have to do everything in the house to ensure a full recovery.

Working hours for registered nurse job description

Facilities for long term care, such as nursing homes or chronic care hospitals require AI to work long hours, weekends and nights. However, other health care facilities do not expect much from their nurses, for example, can be a nurse in a doctor’s office. This means 8-hour standard during normal office hours – the same hours as the doctor worked.

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