Network administrator job description

by Venkat on August 30, 2012. Updated December 17, 2012

Are you interested to know network administrator job description?As a network administrator to manage all the software that is used on a network, so the main task is to install and upgrade operating systems to maintain system efficiency. These people also install software to end users, such as word processing. When grids are concerned, these people have to use installation packages to deploy software remotely through a central server.

Regarding the hardware segment of the work of network administrators job description must manage equipment like routers and switches for expansion or reconfiguration of the network based on the network design. This must be done to ensure that the software internal connections and wiring are properly handled and named. The network administrator must identify the different types of security problems. He also presented a solution to keep the individual workstations and the network free of any malware. The network administrator keeps a detailed log of all equipment used in a network. You should also keep a record of all software licenses.

Get Network administrator job description:

To become a network administrator job description who needs to get a degree. To get an entry level job will have a 2-year degree in a field that has to do with the system software, hardware, or information. Earn an AS (Associates of Science) degree is considered better than winning an AA (Associate of Arts). This is because the applicant and took over the engineering and science.

To advance in this career field you need to get a 4 year degree. The B.S. open more doors than A. B. Having a higher software development and information systems networks and computer engineering are highly valued by employers.

With his master’s degree can expect a higher salary for network administrator job description. There are some commonly required certifications as a network administrator. This list includes MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator).

Network administrator job description salary:

The starting salary of a  Network Administrator is around $45 K a year. When you become a network administrator with a significant amount of experience that can jump as high as $ 140K per year. These figures do not include benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance and retirement programs.