Good Part Time Jobs for Moms

by Venkat on April 25, 2012. Updated December 17, 2012

good part time jobs for moms

Are you a new parent who wants to return to work, but do you want to spend to  good part time jobs for moms? Are you a mother who has spent years staying home with your child and you want to start you down in the labor force by acquiring a job with fewer hours? If so, you might be looking for some good part time jobs for moms like you.

Here are some examples for good part time jobs for moms to start thinking:

Using school or daycare: two schools and daycare centers are almost always on the lookout for aid. The good news is that you could be on the same schedule as your child. For example, most school aid and child care will have the same day that the students out. Although it depends on the school district or day care in question, usually work full-time aid set times each week. Non-full-time aid can have the same type of schedule, but some are actually on call to act as a substitute when needed.

Good part time jobs for moms info 2:

Secretary’s Office working in an office environment may not always leave much room for flexibility. This is because the offices are open a certain number of hours each week (like 9 to 5). The good news is that many insurance offices doctors’ offices, and so do hire part-time workers. The other good news is that this type of work environment is more likely to provide a comprehensive program. You work the same hours, same day, and at the same times each week. This makes the work easier while parenting for new moms looking to return to work.

Retail: Working in retail is a good part time jobs for moms. However, you need to know your hours of availability are limited. For example, say you want to avoid night work. You must indicate immediately if your application for employment. Retail stores are open at varying times (including late at night), you do not want to put you on the night shift, if you prefer to work while your child is in school or daycare.

Above, you have some suggestions on the major part time jobs for moms. As a reminder, if you were a mom stay at home or if you are a parent looking to reduce your hours from full down to part-time, you have a number of options.The key is to find the good part time job for moms that fits your wants, needs and preferences of the family. Good luck!