Bookkeeper job description

by Venkat on September 2, 2012. Updated December 17, 2012


The bookkeeper job descriptionis to calculate the costs of a business, presentation documents, record the accounts payable and receivable, and the preparation of financial statements that reflect the profits and losses. Among the various bookkeeper job descriptions of work, the profession needs to be a computer expert. Accountants gather their professional knowledge through education and experience to be an apprentice before becoming a professional in the field. Bookkeepers are used to keep the books of accounts of companies ranging from small to large scale businesses. Bookkeepers are sometimes called accounting clerks or employees of the audit.

Bookkeeper job description

Nature of  Bookkeeper Job Description

Individual meters are employed in small firms, while large firms employ companies full checking of accounting services or maintain their finances in order. When books or financial records are left for the fans, it is likely that any business will not flop or mismanagement of assets, or by the forced closure because taxes are not paid.  Bookkeeper job description is to ensure that all assets are accounted for. Without the painstaking work of a bookkeeper, funds may be missing.


Bookkeeper job description and responsibilities

Still use traditional accounting bookkeeping simple, which is the cash book. It is as if the transaction log of a current account, but affects revenues and expenses to miscellaneous income and expense accounts rather than just the deposits and withdrawals monitoring. Double-entry bookkeeping, also adheres to a set of rules for recording financial impacts where each transaction or event of at least two different accounts. Debits and credits system generally used as a detection system error, because if the sum of the flows is not equal to the sum of the credits, then an error has occurred.

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